Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Damn you, Oral Hygiene!

Ah....nothing like a little jaunt over to the dentist to make your day complete! And when I say little jaunt what I really mean is a two hour ordeal. JEEEEZ! At my last exam, a pesky cavity was discovered so I had to come in today for a filling. I know, I know...you wanna be me! I waited about 15 minutes in the waiting room (and got to read a very interesting National Geographic article on stem cell research!). Then into an exam room. Novicane, novicane, novicane...then....NOTHING! My "rock star" dentist was soooo behind that I got to drool all over myself for a good HOUR before he breezed in. And then....MORE novicane! How do you know you've been at the dentist too long? When they have to shoot you up TWICE! I got to watch all of Dr. Phil and part of Oprah, though. Wee. I'd rather take a kick to the slats than go the dentist ever, but I don't wanna be a toothless little old lady, either. So I faithfully drag myself in. And at the end, they say "That'll be $80". So much for dental insurance covering all of those necessities.

Here's a Benjamin! Kick me in the head! Not only do I SO not wanna be there in the first place, but then I have to wait my ass off, endure shots in the mouth and the pain of dental work and THEN I hafta fork over eighty bucks!

Because I'm a huge sucker for punishment, I've made a consultation appointment with another orthodontist, though. I want one more opinion on the Invisalign before I write the whole thing off. The more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds. You can take the damn things out, in a pinch (and I think to eat, drink and brush your teeth, too). We'll see...I'll let you know what I decide. But for now, it's off to pop another Aleve before my novicane completely wears off. It won't be pretty.

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