Monday, July 11, 2005

Gotta Love "Me Day"!

Ah....I had one on Friday. It's bliss. I know that not many people get these so I know I'm lucky. After a nice A.M. workout, I showered, shaved my legs and headed over to my massage therapist. After that appointment was over, I then went to my hairdresser for a trim and color. After heading home and getting spruced up, a sitter came over and my husband & I went out for drinks and a movie (War of the Worlds in case you were wondering...it was good...I think).

The only downside to the evening was that our teenaged baby sitter called about 30 minutes into the movie to say the baby was crying hysterically and she wasn't sure what to do. Great. We gave her some tips and told her to call back if he didn't calm down. I called her about 20 minutes after that and she said he was dozing peacefully. The REAL story is that she put him in the stroller to take he & my daughter for a walk, but didn't buckle him in. He slid out of the front of the stroller and naturally got quite a scare. When he gets frightened, it's pretty hard to calm him down. Let's just suffice it to say she will now be on the bottom of the "OMG We're Desperate" babysitting list. So my point is that I had a hard time concentrating on the movie after that. I think I liked it OK.

Speaking of the baby, did I mention that he just skipped right over wearing 3-6 mo. sizes? Yup. Right over it. That growth spurt prompted a Wal-Mart run for some creepers and PJ's in 6-9 mo. size. Did I mention he's only 4 1/2 mo. old?

Little Porker.

lucky you (apart from the whole fall outta pram thing) It's been ages since I had a day like that!
Little Porker? I hope he doesn't get body image issues from that comment! But of course he won't - MEN never do. Yet another injustice in the War of the Genders. :-)

It's crazy how big kids are these days! This is why I don't feel compelled to stock up on too many baby clothes right now - you really don't know what sizes you will need until they actually grow into them, eh?
I was hoping the irony wouldn't be missed!
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