Friday, July 01, 2005

Random Updates

The Move: Not too bad. I did about 80% of it all by myself (my husband joined me for part of the unload after he got off of work). I pretty much felt like a stud. I rented the trailer, hauled the giant ramp in & out & lugged about 75 boxes in & out. Whew! Great workout & thankfully it rained for a big portion so it wasn't so hot.

The Comments: A friend asked me if my daughter understood the derogatory nature of her grandmother's comments. No, I don't think so, but the second it does hit home, imagine how bad she might feel. I LOVE being validated, though. I read an article in Redbook last night that addressed the topic of body image in young children. I may have to snip that one out, if ya know what I mean.

The Oink Factor: I got measured today. I have lost 4 inches in my waist and 1 in my hips...which...YEAH! BUT I've STILL only lost 5 pounds in the last 6-8 weeks! I gotta keep on keepin' on though. Maybe someday I'll even be able to put on a pair of shorts again! Is it crazy to dream?

Home Improvement: I have been on a crazy quest to find some outdoor furniture for my tiny front porch. I knew exactly what I wanted: Resin wicker, two chairs and a little table. Holy cow. Who do you have to kill to get that? The only stuff I was able to find was only available as giant sets, with a couch, coffee table, blah, blah, blah. I have looked EVERYWHERE. And then last night... JACKPOT! Kmart, of all places. AND it was on sale! Pinch me!

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