Saturday, July 23, 2005

Thank You, Strange Lady!

My husband took the baby to Oklahoma to see his parents for the weekend. My daughter (after a bit of bribing) decided to stay with me. We're having a girls weekend! I'm trying to squeeze in all the stuff you can't do with a baby in tow and it turns out...there's alot!

But before I forget, I have to send a shout-out to the lady-I-never-saw in the bathroom at a shopping center. While my daughter was playing I got "that feeling". You know what I mean. "Hey honey...I need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW and then you can keep playing when we're done". So into the bathroom we go. Damn. Hadn't planned on that one. So having no other viable option I say loudly "Would anyone by chance have any feminine products they wouldn't mind parting with?" I got a couple of "No, sorry"s and then someone said "If you have change there's a machine in here!" "Oh...I didn't know. Thank you!" So while I'm still in the stall (with my daughter who has no idea what in the hell I'm blathering about) I'm digging in my purse and, of course...no change. Before I had time to consider my next move someone said "Which stall?" So I waved and a strange hand handed me a Kotex, which had obviously just been purchased. Does that restore your faith in womankind or what? I must remember to pay that forward. How nice was that? By the time I managed to distract my daughter (what's THAT over THERE?!?) and utilize said product (sorry...I'm really working hard to avoid TMI, but I know I'm WAY past that!) the bathroom was empty when I emerged. So I never saw who came to my rescue. But I really appreciated it. Alot. The next time you get annoyed at the long lines at the women's room, just remember: there may be a face in that crowd that will save your day...AND your capris!

It's been so long, that at first, I had NO CLUE what you meant by "that feeling". Don't worry, I have been informed that I will pay heavily the price of 9+ months of NOT having "that feeling".

Regarding random acts of kindness, it is so very sad that we see so few of those nowadays. I am the first to admit that I have re-considered doing nice things simply because I was afraid or freaked out. Just earlier this week, this cute teenaged girl approached me in the airport in desperate need of a quarter to make a call. I was so taken aback by the whole thing and it saddened me afterwards that my initial reaction was an alarmed one. I mean, someone can't ask for a freakin' quarter these days!
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