Wednesday, August 31, 2005


OK..perhaps I'll refer to it as a "dilemma" rather than a problem. People in New Orleans have problems. You'll see...totally retarded.

Sooo...about two weeks ago a new doctor in my area started doing Botox and practically BEGGED me to send him people telling me he'd give them a good deal. Then he hinted around to see if I wanted any. Well, of COURSE I want some Botox! However, I've never paid for it before. I have some pretty good relationships with Botox-peddlers and have always been able to work out more of a "trade" deal. So long story long...I let him practice on me...AND I paid for it. He is a client of mine, so it felt like it was the right thing to do. Plus, he's a super-nice guy. He is new to the product, so he was taking a VERY conservative approach, which he seemed to realize. After a week, I still had lots of movement in my forehead. (More than I usually have post-Tox. I haven't had any in well over a year...way before I got pregnant).

So off to one of my doctors in another area that I've done trade with before. I'm sitting in one of his patient rooms discussing products when he turns with needle in hand and says "Sit back, it's Botox day!" Ummm. "I'm already Botoxed." "Yeah, not nearly enough. Sit back." So I did.

Now I'm totally Halle Berry at the Oscars. Thank God this stuff wears off eventually. Let me say that I am not SORRY I got extra Botox, because it really did wipe away my remaining creases. How I have it now is how I usually have it.

So here's the dilemma: I can't avoid the NEW doctor for the next six months since I will be participating in an Open House for him in 2 weeks. I KNOW he's going to be asking me to raise my eyebrows to examine "his" work. Yeah. I got nuthin'. I'm afraid if I tell him I got more Botox he'll be really pissed. If I DON'T tell him, he may freak out thinking that HE did all this, thinking he was doing something else completely. I'd hate to make the poor guy doubt himself since he is new to this. So what do I say? Let's scrap the straight up "honesty is the best policy" bit. If I do tell him, I need to spin it so I don't look like an a-hole. Any thoughts? And, yes. This is the dumbest thing ever, so you don't need to tell me. Just start off with "Well, Pharmgirl, if I were you, I would..." Thanks for helping me dig my sorry ass out of my robotic-faced hole!

It's hard to come up with an answer for you because your dilemma is so far outside my realm of experience, but since nobody else has given it a shot, I figured I'd weigh in.

You're going to have to go with a certain amount of honesty, IF he says anything. It can be all on you, though. You could say, "I like the 'Halle Berry at the Oscars' look and your treatment was a little more naturalistic than I'm used to, so I went ahead and got more." Something like that.

It makes you sound a little cuckoo, but not so much an a-hole. Just a thought...
I agree with Jane - he is a client, after all - right? It is probably better to tell that you DID have the 2nd procedure and write it off as you being picky and wanting more or something.
OK Botox queen: I've got the answer. Since your bday's coming up just tell him one of your other offices (who you have worked with for years), gave you botox for your birthday! Make sure he knows that you advised them you had just got it and they insisted that you needed more.
Facts are: 1) You've got a steller reputation and have built lasting relationships in the biz (and gosh darnit, people like you).
2) Your birthday IS coming up (and he might even buy you a present).
3) It's not like you paid another office for a second round. It was FREE! He charged you for his conservative approach, that you truly didn't like.
4) The new doctor might appreciate the knowledge that being too conservative could hurt his repeat business/customers. $$$$$
Hehehe.. Gotta go with the second option. I agree he needs to know that you did get more. Especially since he is new to it. Wouldn't want him to think he used the right amount or somethin!
Plus... it was free! It was speshy- special just for you. :)
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