Sunday, August 28, 2005

Everyone's crazy

Maybe even me. Geeez. The older I get, the weirder everyone else gets. I'm gonna leave it at that right now. So anyway, I've had some drama to keep me busy.

Ahhh..Kindergarten. So far, so good. She wasn't even the slightest bit scared and seems to be adjusting just fine. Whew. Everyday she seems to be turning more and more into a freaky little diva, though. She sees those Kid's Bop commercials and goes around the house singing the songs using her "cute" look. ("See mom, is this a cute face?") Yeah.

The only problem so far is with our bus stop. We live on a dead-end cul-de-sac and the bus will not turn around there. (Even though I've SEEN busses turning around there in the past, for whatever reason!). So they expect our kindergartener and our neighbor's first-grader to walk up the hill and around the corner, out of view from our houses, to catch the bus. Um, I don't think so. The really annoying part is that the bus LITERALLY stops at every other house in the rest of the neighborhood. I mean, every 10 feet that damn bus stops (I know this from getting caught behind it in the afternoon). So according to the lady that answers the phone, it's been their policy to not turn around in a cul-de-sac "ever since she's been there" which apparently is a very long time. So..wheeeee! I get to take on "the man"!

Also, soccer practice has started and so far, so good. I knew I might be in trouble when a bunch of the other moms started talking about which church they went to. Thank God I could chime in with MY daughter's Vacation Bible School story, although we rarely go to church and do not belong to one. I left that part out.

I really dread the "what other moms are doing" one-upmanship. Seriously. I know that YOU aren't like that, but it is scary how the group mentality can try to suck you in - like a cult or something.
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