Friday, August 12, 2005

Hot Stuff!

Even if it DID fall off the back of a truck...I don't CARE! Check out the deal I just snagged from E-bay: I got a 16 disc Baby Einstein set shipped from Hong Kong, for $40...and that INCLUDES shipping! Why is this exciting? Because that set retails for $265.00 (plus shipping) in the U.S. that's why! Holy Schmoly! If you aren't familiar with Baby Einstein it's essentially like crack-cocaine for babies. It's mostly puppets and interesting action toys set to classical music. You park a baby in front of that and you have 30 minutes of quiet bliss. PLUS they swear it's educational. Say what you want about T.V. and kids... it DEFINITELY has it's place!

Our very first soccer clinic got massively rained out on Saturday, which was not a happy time in the Pharmgirl household, plus the baby was having his worst day EVER, sleeping most of the day and crying when he was awake, clearly in some type of discomfort. After waiting for each nap to make an improvement, I finally broke down and gave him some Ibuprofen, which did seem to help. Guess we probably have a tooth ready to make an appearance! Oh, and the doctor DOES want to clip under the baby's tongue...but we'll wait until he's a year old.

So other than that...we have been GO GO GO. Lot's of stuff to keep me busy with work, outside projects and kid stuff. My only trip this year will be to California for a sales meeting. I plan to fly back a couple days after the meeting is over so I can have a day to two to myself. Perhaps a spa...on the beach. Did I say a day or two? Hmmm. I'll let ya know on that one.

I've done several trips "by myself" like that and have never regretted them. Isn't it is a bit freeing to do something completely alone like that? Like thumbing your nose at the world or something. I wish I could have done an Alone Trip this past trip to San Jose with Average Jane, but I was starting to run low on funds at the time and had to come back.
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