Thursday, August 11, 2005


The boss was here yesterday and today. And I have to say...not bad! We had a short, yet successful day yesterday and this morning when I went to pick him up, he announced that he slept like crap last night, was in a shitty mood and wanted to catch an early flight home. Well......OK. I guess! Don't have to ask me twice.

So it was short and sweet. Just the way I like it. Of course, tomorrow will be mostly a "me day" which is essential post ride-along. It will involve a pedicure, lunch with a girlfriend and a trip to the gym. I'll have to cut it short, though. The baby has a Dr. appt. with an ENT tomorrow. They want to look at his little heart-shaped tongue and decide if his tongue-tie is bad enough to warrant clipping. Ouch.

Anyway, I always get myself worked up into a lather before the boss comes and it's always anti-climactic. So I will be oh-so-ready for some sleep tonight and a little me time tomorrow. Coming soon: My new role as "Soccer Mom". Now all I'll need is the mini-van. Argh. Kill me.

Miss, step away from the mini-van.

Do NOT give in to the mini-van temptation. You could get one of those weird "I am not a station wagon even though I really LOOK like I am a station wagon, but I am NOT a station wagon..... I swear, I swear!" vehicles.
My husband keeps discussing the mini van thing with me. I told him that he is more than welcome to drive a mini van, but he will have to haul me dead in one before I opt to buy one for myself. Too many other good options out there
Nah...don't worry. It'll never happen. I drive an Escape now, which sucks but it's FREE! I get company cars, which is a HUGE bonus. Perhaps a Volvo next, but no mini van!
I think there is a law that says if you drive a Volvo, you are not allowed to shave your armpits, you must only eat organic, and you must breastfeed your child til he/she hops away to kindergarten. Yep, pretty sure there is a law about there somewhere.
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