Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why do I poison myself?

Argh. You'd think after 13 years (17?) of drinking I'd learn my lesson. But you'd be WRONG! A group of gals from my gym (including my trainer) invited me to tag along Saturday night for one of the girl's birthdays. They were heading out early for dinner. My husband wasn't going to be home from work until about 11pm, so I said I could join in after the kids went to bed..about 9:30. If the kids are asleep already, I can have a younger neighbor girl come over vs. a "real" sitter. So the neighbor girl was late getting over and by the time I make it to the martini bar, it's a bit past 10pm.

I guess I thought I needed to "make up for lost time" since THEY had been out for hours already. I hit the martini menu and that was ALL SHE WROTE! In the span of about 3 hours, I consumed approximately four martinis and two mixed drinks..oh, and a shot, too. Fortunately one of the ladies in the group doesn't drink much, so she had driven everyone (else) down there.

Well thank God SOMEBODY had some sense..because she refused to let me drive home. When I got home I slurred to my husband that I had some "good news and bad news". The bad news obviously being that we had to make an hour round-trip drive the next day to get my car.

The next morning the baby was kind enough not to wake me up until 9, but when I looked over my husband was GONE. Oh MAN! I forgot he was playing golf. So it was just me (still slightly drunk and feeling incredibly bad) and the kiddies. The extra-fun part was that I had friends from out of town coming over for lunch so I got to 1) take care of the kids 2) clean the house 3) make lunch 4) suffer a slow death...all in the span of three hours! Naturally I employed my hangover remedy: A can of Coke and 3 aspirin. It sure did help. Then after company left we had to go get the car and THEN go to the neighbor's for dinner. I never even had TIME to truly suffer on Sunday. So my body went ahead and put that on hold until yesterday. Man oh MAN was I hurting all day Monday. Who has a TWO DAY hangover? Well, I do. I think drinking so much in such a short period of time was literally like drinking drain cleaner. Guess that happens when you get old and don't get out much.

I'd like to say I won't be doing that again anytime soon..but you just never know. I did really appreciate that fact that someone made the call and drove me home , though. One thing I am learning as I get older is that a $50 cab ride home would be alot cheaper (and less embarrassing) than a DUI. Also, since I drive a company car I could lose my job...so when you look at it THAT way...it makes it the only option. Of course there's the whole "danger to yourself and others" thing, too.

In the meantime, I shall let the damage heal and focus on that 8-10 glasses of water a day goal. Lord knows I need to purge those poisons!

My husband learned his lesson after a night of drinking followed-up with a day of watching the baby (who was 18 months at the time and sicker than him). He called every two hours and asked when I was coming home. Even though I could have (my boss is a really nice guy) I refused, just so he'd know what I go through with every time I miss work when a kid is sick.
Ah, the memories of hangover-ridden Sundays! I miss drinking, but I sure don't miss those Sundays.
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