Thursday, September 15, 2005

Alllll Better!

OK. I'm over it now. My back is slightly better (5 days to heal a spasm of that magnitude, says my chiro). The ride with the big boss went fine. I did have a very obvious Senior Moment, though. He asked me a key question about one of our major competitors, and I drew a massive blank. I literally could not answer his question. So after I did my Ashlee Simpson "this is awkward" jig, I managed to change the subject. Later in the day, after my panicky fog cleared, I was able to recall the information and even managed to pull a related anecdote out of my ass to prove I kinda-sorta knew what I was talking about. Whew!

The baby's cold is a tad better. The dog isn't dead yet. All is well! This weekend is my birthday, but I'm keeping it sorta low key, which is fine by me.

So back to the vet thing. I went ahead and spent a bit more money than I planned, because he gave me the option (what a novel idea!) of sending a sample from the cyst to his pathologist to know what we were dealing with for sure. He hinted around that as a vet, he wasn't qualified to analyze samples like that (a small jab at my other vet, no doubt!). I also made a point to never mention who my current vet was, so he would feel freer to give me his opinion.

So the pathologist found no mast cells. We MAY want to remove it eventually, though. For $200 LESS than E.V. (evil vet). OH! And annual shots per animal are HALF the cost with new, good vet. Hmmm..whatever SHALL I do?

I'm just excited that I can now continue to seek health care for my pets AND buy groceries for the family. Isn' that really how it should be?

I HATE those Senior Moments. I still shudder when I remember one of my most horrifying moments. See? I am shuddering!
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