Monday, September 26, 2005

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

This evening marks the second time in three days my daughter has been caught lying and been punished accordingly. Unfortunately, the appropriate punishment is harder on me than it is on her. She loses cartoons. All T.V. And then cries that it's "no fair" that dad and I get to watch "grown-up cartoons" and she doesn't. "Well, honey...we aren't liars, ya see?" It's times like these I realize what a crutch T.V. can be. The first time, we were at a birthday party for twin seven-year old Katrina survivors up the street. I look back to see my daughter by the (uncut) cake with her finger in her mouth. "Did you just lick that icing?" "No". I could've SWORN I saw the words "guilty" flash across her forehead. "Come here. Let me smell your finger" (insert your own joke here...) Even though I couldn't really smell anything, I just sniffed and gave her "the look". "OK...I did", she admitted. Sunday was a T.V.-free day. Argh! She drove me NUTTTTTTTTTTS!

Then tonight she wanted to touch the baby's mouth to see his new tooth. "No", I say, "your hands are filthy". This time instead of the standard denial lie, she actually makes up a story. "Nuh-uh! Dad gave me a wipe in the car and I cleaned my hands!" With sitcom-like timing he walks in the door. "Did you give her a wipe in the car to clean her hands?" He gives me a strange look. "Nope. No idea what you're talking about". Since we happened to be watching her favorite cartoon at the time, it seemed only appropriate to reach over, grab the remote and click the T.V. right off.

She doesn't seem to get (even though I've told her repeatedly) that she won't get into trouble if she tells the truth...only if she lies. Somehow the lies just seem easier I guess. Too bad for her she's a terrible liar. Is it wrong to be happy when Monday comes sometimes?

Random: I just read someplace that if you want to know how your breath smells (and we all know the hand-cupping huff doesn't work) lick the back of your hand, wait 10 seconds and sniff. It will have a smell, but it shouldn't be icky. Handy tip! It works! Also, I just did my first yoga class in 7 years last night. I did surprisingly well. The only thing I couldn't do was the push-up like hover. I had to keep it in full plank. I think I could've passed for a regular! Guess it's like riding a bike.

Update: The Botox doc at the Open House did, indeed, corner me and ask me to emote. Before I could say anything he said "So are you happy with it?". Yes. Yes I am.

Oh..and ha, ha! Made ya lick yourself!

WOW!! I didn't realize they started at such a young age....and sorry to tell you this but the lies, stories to get out of the lies, and denial gets worse as they get older. Believe me I have a 14 yr old daughter who does this very regularly!!!!!
Lying at your daughter's age is a very normal stage! She is testing the waters. It's great that you appear to be nipping it in the bud - she is certainly learning the all-important lesson that it doesn't pay to lie!

Also, I would argue that it is normal for a 14 year old to lie to get out of trouble. What I don't think is normal is the random lying for NO REASON. Believe me, for a brief while, I had 2 step-brothers that lied about EVERYTHING - not just "cover-up" stuff. Those kids had SERIOUS problems and I was so relieved when my mom finally divorced their dad.
It's amazing how yoga comes right back to you, isn't it? I should start working with my videos again...
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