Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nobody Likes A Bully

Or a nosy neighbor. Our neighbor across the street (the one without kids) calls our street Wisteria Lane because of all the drama and hooey that goes on. And so it continues.

The mom of the naked kids up the street informed me that her first grader and the first grader two houses up from us got in trouble with our school's principal for "bullying" another kid in the neighborhood. Apparently they had been teasing him and naked kid wrote a note that the two boys put in his mail box, saying something to the effect of "So-and-so is the f-w-o-r-d", etc. I found that amusing. Ewwwww! You called me "f-w-o-r-d"! Guess that's first-grade boys for ya.

So I mention to my husband that the boys got in trouble for bullying. "Really", he says, "maybe I'll say something to them". Here's the part where I share in the guilt: "Yeah...you oughta! They're scared of you anyway".

He takes our daughter up to the bus stop today and when he returns, he just says "Um, yeah. That didn't go like I planned". Awww, geez. "WHAT?!?" He went up to the kid and says "Hey, Johnnie...nobody likes a bully". The response? The kid bursts into tears. Oops. And again, with sitcom-like timing, the mom pulls up to the bus stop in her car. When my husband tried to explain what happened the mom says "Yeah...he's pretty sensitive about that".

My husband figured in the big picture it was no big deal. My take was that it was trouble brewing. MAN, sometimes it's hard being right all the time.

My husband is working late tonight. I'm hanging out with the kiddos when the door bell rings. Guess who?!? Crying kid and his dad, looking all huffy-puffy. Super. "Is your husband home?" "Nope...working late tonight." "Well, apparently he 'got up in Johnnie's face' at the bus stop this morning. His older brother confirmed that. I just want to know what the deal is. That didn't sound like something he'd do. Y'know the kids look up to him, so I was pretty surprised to hear that". Then he gave me some mumbling story about how his kid was absolved from guilt and was wrongly accused, blah, blah, blah. Sigh. I hemmed and hawed around, offering up my husband's work number. "Nah, I'll catch him tomorrow".

I rang my husband to give him the head's up. "Ok...I'll talk to him tomorrow. No problem." NO PROBLEM?!? Why is it that HE can remain so cool, but it made ME all stressed out? I'm not even directly involved here!

Moral of the story? Mind yer own damn business. I'll let ya know how it goes.

Why am I laughing so hard??? WHY?
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