Sunday, September 11, 2005


Sorry. This post should clearly reflect my mood after my "weekend".

My boss's boss will be having a "field visit" with me (and two other reps) this week. No pressure. Really. Never met the guy. NO idea what to expect. Refer to previous posts re: me FREAKING out before a REGULAR ride-along. Shoulders...meet ears. Know what I mean? Anyone wanna put odds on my chances of securing Valium from my OB? Cause I think I wanna try.... OH! And he sends the three of us a vague e-mail regarding "preparation" for the visits. I need to call my manager tomorrow. During my sick day. You'll see.

The baby has his first cold. Crab, crab and more crab. OH! And snot. Lots of snot. And crabbiness.

Sooo...my daughter has a preschool friend over for a sleepover last night. I'm not sure if it was schlepping the baby all over God's creation during our A.M. soccer game, or if it was the being hunched over for 40 minutes while painting "peppermint stripes" on both the girl's toenails, but my low back is TOTALLY SCREWED. Spasm in the Nth degree. I already took a sick day tomorrow because I plan to camp out on my chiro's doorstep until they treat me. Prescription Motrin? Nope. Ice? Nope. Heating pad? Better than a sharp stick to the eye, I guess. We'll try Tylenol 3 tonight and see how it flies.

When MY crabbiness fades, I'll follow up on the vet situation. Breakin' up ain't THAT hard to do!

A visit from the boss's boss, a sick baby, AND back issues?? YIKES. You need a martini with that Valium!
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