Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Turning over a new leaf

So I just finished the book "You: The Owner's Manual" and it was GREAT! You may have seen the authors on Oprah. It was the one where they talked alot about poop.

Anyway, I recommend it. It's easy to read and gives you loads of easy-to-remember tips to live better and healthier. One of the things that popped out was a tidbit about High Fructose Corn Syrup. It's the devil. VERY bad for you. I had heard that before, but never really knew WHY it was bad or WHAT it did to you, so until now I ignored it. Now that I've been looking at labels, it is EVERYWHERE! I e-mailed Wishbone to let them know I would have to cease purchasing my favorite dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, until they removed HFCS from it. They sent me back the typical B.S. about carefully selecting the best ingredients available and that they are not trying to cater to "people on special diets". Hmmm. Ok. Paul Newman's Light is evil-free and a tasty substitute. So there.

I finally got the nerve to step onto the scale. I'm not sure how long ago I last weighed, but the good news is that it read 15 lbs. lighter. Only 30 more to go! Argh.

I've been doing NutriSystem for the last couple of weeks and it's not too bad. Some of the entrees tastes like cat food, but several other items are quite palatable. I figured I'd do it for a couple of months to get things jump-started. I have to buy work clothes for a meeting in 2 weeks, so in my perfect world, I can drop at least one more size between now and then.

Between my newer, healthy live-long habits and my cleaner diet, I really AM trying to turn over a new leaf. If only I weren't completely retarded, I'd be that much closer to super-hero status! I am kidding, of course.

YEAH - another Anti-High Fructose Corn Syrup convert. The stuff is pretty evil, eh? Now go try to buy a loaf of bread without it. Half the time I do groceries now, I sit there muttering "What the f&*k?" under my breath. Sigh. I think I learned the evils of HFCS when I read Fast Food Nation (an EXCELLENT book by the way).

Will have to check out that book you just read- if they are anti-HFCS, then they must pretty cool people.
I can give you some great recipes for balsamic vinaigrette so you don't have to buy it bottled.
As a diabetic Brit, something that really surprised me on a visit to the US was how sweet the bread tasted. So, it was HFCS ... KP
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