Saturday, October 08, 2005

Off to See the Wizard...

Y'know...the face that's behind all of those serious corporate e-mails. We're having our annual company meeting next week. It's in Santa Monica. Which would matter if you EVER saw anything besides the four walls of a ballroom for three days straight. Hell, they'd save LOADS if they just had the damn thing at the Wichita Marriott.

BUT as I think I've mentioned before, one of my company buds and I are staying an extra two days. It seems foolish to waste free airfare to California! She has friends there, so hopefully we'll get carted around and shown the "good" places by some locals. We're staying at a nice hotel (which is going to cost a fortune) but since I haven't had a vacation this year, I figure I can splurge.

Have I ever mentioned that I'd rather have another hole added to my head than go shopping? Guess what I've been doing for the last two days? Garrrr. I have to dress "business casual" for four days. I managed to scrape together three pairs of slacks (the black ones will make two appearances) and four tops I think will work. I have no earthly idea what I'll be wearing during my "off" time since I failed to take casual-wear into consideration. Hmmmm.. I think I'd better go and try to secure a pair of capris tomorrow. I am grudgingly packing a swimsuit since I'd hate to really "need" one and not have it, but I am hoping beyond all hope no one has to see me in it.

Anyway, I'll be totally out of the loop until week after next. Wish me luck during my endless quizzes and 'role plays' (although I will admit I am really good at those...so many others HATE them!). Also, think of me night after night. I'll be the one at the huge dinners with free-flowing alcohol trying to gauge how much drinking I can get away with without a) making an ass out of myself, and b) not being wrecked the next day. Yeah, yeah...boo hoo, poor me...all that great food and free alcohol! But it really IS kinda hard! It seems inconceivable to 'not drink'. Because....there it is! But then one too many and you are SCREWED the next day. Nothing like listening to the driest doctor on earth drone on and on AND ON about disease states when you have a raging hang-over. Makes you wanna buy a bullet and rent a gun. Literally.

See ya next week!

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