Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You know WHO?

That's just a little jab at the concierge at the Marriot in Santa Monica about his incessant name-dropping. The good news is that NEXT time I'm in town, he's going to hook us up to hang out with some MAJOR big name comedians! Because, why WOULDN'T guys like that wanna hang out with some random a-holes from the Midwest? It made me giggle.

The meeting was everything you'd expect. Leave it to Pharma to be predictable. What I DIDN'T predict is that they would force us to stay in our meeting the first full day until 6:15 PM!!! Oh...and SEE YA AT 7 FOR DINNER!

The low point of the trip was finding out, about 30 minutes after I arrived in California, that my baby had pneumonia! AND my company had somehow inexplicably dropped him from my health insurance when they ran an "update" the previous week. No stress. Really. Sigh.

I was geared up to turn around and come right back home, but the next day the baby was stabilizing and would not have to go to the hospital, so I stayed. I'm sure in the scheme of things it made my husband a better person.

Nothing exciting to report. Our two extra days in CA were VERY low-key. The meeting had sucked the life from both of us, so we basically ate dinner and went to bed both nights. Man are we L-A-M-E!!! Oh well. Glad to be back. I missed the kids. My daughter has been turning the "guilt trip" into an art form.

As a super special reward, my manager is riding with me AGAIN this week. No, it's not punishment. I actually got to come forward in front of the entire sales staff to accept an award for being number one in the country for one of my products. Ain't that spiffy? So much for my Grand Plan of staying in the middle and "under the radar".

Alcohol? Was there free alcohol?

Glad to hear your little guy is doing better - man, that WOULD be stressful.
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