Sunday, November 13, 2005

22 Pounds of Hot, Fresh Crab!

Or perhaps better known as My Giant Baby. What is this kid's DEAL anyway? My husband had (got?) to work all weekend so I did the single mom thing. Sigh. Teething? Personality? Growing pains? Vendetta? WHY is this kid crabby unless he is physically sleeping or eating? I think part of it is his burgeoning mobility. He is just right there.... ready to crawl. Maybe it's just constant frustration. He can move from point A to point B by flopping around like a retarded sea lion (that wasn't PC was it?). BUT he has yet to master it. The result? CONSTANT bitching. Yah, yah...I know. There are MUCH WORSE problems, but I am NOT having a nice weekend so I, too, am crabby. I do fake it for the kiddies. Does that count?

Ewww, ewww...on an UP note, I did get a chance to take my daughter to see Chicken Little this afternoon after my husband got home. Ok...CGI is really cool and all, but CGI in 3-D is freakin' awesome!!! If you can see it in 3-D DO NOT pass up the chance. Just amazing! And the story was pretty cute too. Oh, lookie there...I guess the weekend wasn't ALL bad. So maybe the glass is half full.

re: the non-PC comment - I am sure the seal wasn't offended.
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