Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh WHERE do I begin?

I'm STILL writing from Panera (not continuously...I've since gone home and come back). Hopefully my brother-in-law, the magical computer whiz, can put things right later this evening. Grrrr.

The MOST fun part of my week was when my daughter and I simultaneously came down with some kind a gastrointestinal cootie. We were racing each other to the toilet. Both of us eventually ended up in my bed, clutching our barf cups. Here's the kicker: I get stuff like this ALL THE TIME! I've been to the hospital at least 3x for similar ailments. In my fevered, sleepless, barf and diarrhea filled state, I actually imagined myself driving to the ER at about 1:30 in the morning. Who ELSE was gonna do it? Just the THOUGHT of having an I.V., some anti-nausea meds and perhaps a tiny morphine drip made me feel better. Worked like a charm last time. I finally managed to drift off for a moment or two...stopped barfing and snapped out of it. I had to sleep the entire next day, but I'm right as rain now!

I helped chaperone my daughter's school field trip today. I'm guessing she'll be passing Kindergarten A-OK. Her teacher went out and got her hair cut just like my daughter's. You don't model your hairstyle after a kid you HATE, now do you? She has a wedge cut that's kind of stacked in the back. It's boy-short above her neck, but angled downwards towards the front with little fringy bangs. People stop us in public with compliments all the time. However, my daughter has it ingrained in her brain that when she turns 10 ( a number I pulled out of my ass) she can grow her hair long like "princess hair". Whatever.

I also told a huge, fat lie today. I try not to do that too often, but it was one of those deals where the truth would NOT set you free. I didn't have much time to dream up a solution (there really wasn't one) so I lied. Granted, I KNOW these things often come back to bite you HARD, but at the time it really did save my butt, with no apparent harm done. I suck. Karma's gotta be crouched right around the corner. Speaking of karma...this week's "My Name is Earl" made me laugh so hard I cried. The scene with the burning golf clubs? OMG hilarious! I can't remember the last time a regular prime time show made me laugh that hard. Tivo it at once if you've been missing it!

ANYWAY.... I am off to get some legitimate work done before the end of the day. No...really. Stop looking at me like that! Geeeeez!

Everybody lies at some point. If they say they don't - they are lying!

re: My Name is Earl - LOVE that show, too. When I was recovering from giving birth and all that yucky stuff, it physically HURT me to watch that show. My only complaint about this episode was that lack of Joy - I love the episodes where his ex-wife is in them. I also LOVE the irony of her name. heehee
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