Monday, November 28, 2005

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Back from a lovely five-hour jaunt to the in-laws for the holidays! Ahhh..what a refreshing break! Awww, jeez...who am I kidding? Five hours in the car with a baby? We did invest in a nifty new DVD player for the trip. It has two screens that mount to the back of the headrests and it plays two DIFFERENT things! Baby Einstein on one, and...whatever on the other! I almost forgot my daughter was even in the car. We got maybe 2-3 hours of actual "use" out of the baby's DVD player. The rest of his time was spent either a) sleeping (my fave!) b) grizzling or c) peeling the paint off with his screams. Ahhhh. Family vacations! My sister and I remember rattling around the back of the station wagon lying atop an old crib mattress (that we also used to sled down our long stairs). Seatbelts? Nah..those were only for the FRONT seats. A/C? Only for the rich folks. How times change. We also brought our little dog, who spent the entire 10-hour round trip drive trying to devise a way to make it from his position on the back floorboard into my lap in the front seat. And his breath stinks. Really badly.

We left the two big dogs and the ancient cat in the hands of our pet sitter. She comes twice a day to love on everybody and then leaves a little note summing up each visit. My favorite comment from this trip was "When I came in today, I noticed the dogs had a wrench and a screwdriver out on the floor. I have no idea what they were trying to fix".

How thoughtful of the dogs to at least attempt to make a repair. Too about about their lack of opposable thumbs.
That was supposed to say "too bad" but do I use the "Preview" function? No.
Jane made a grammatical error? Who knew?? hahaha

I love the comment "I almost forgot my daughter was even in the car". If that isn't a winning sales pitch for a piece of electronics.........
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