Monday, December 05, 2005

Who needs toilet paper?

When you can use $20 bills instead! That's how I feel about the co-pays I've been paying at the pediatrician lately. When my daughter and I had food poisoning, I took her to the doctor before her actual ailment was apparent. She was in quite a bit of distress so it seemed like the right thing to do. The physician's assistant took one look at her and basically shrugged. "Give her an enema". Well THANK GOD I didn't do that since we both ended up with raging diarrhea whilst vomiting.

So today I took her to the doctor since she has had a hoarse cough for over a week. The cough medicine SPECIFICALLY SAYS "If cough persists more than 7 days, see your doctor, as this can indicate a serious illness". OK. Today is day 8. The doctor looks in her ears, her nose, her throat and listens to her breathing. "Well, everything looks great". WHAT? I mean, I don't WANT there to be anything wrong with her, but I'd like to treat this horrible cough SOMEHOW? So we get some random samples of allergy meds and nasal spray. If that doesn't work, I am to call the doctor back in 8 more days. Ohhhhhkay. "Hey, while we're here can we get her a flu shot since they're available now?" Nope. Not during "urgent care" hours. That'll be ANOTHER $20 to come back ANOTHER time. Geez. What a flippin' racquet! God forbid they could accommodate busy working parents. If I didn't really like my usual doc, I'd break up with them like I dumped my vet.

So that's my rant du jour.

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