Monday, January 02, 2006


I remember seeing a picture of Average Jane once, wearing a shirt that read Inappropriate! When I think back to the following story, for some reason that shirt keeps popping to mind. Hmmmm. I can't imagine why...

So rather than our full-blown Christmas Party this year, we opted instead for a smaller New Year's Eve party. I made it a casual affair and asked people to bring a snack or appetizer if they'd like. Remember that whole "trimming the fat" thing, right? Anyhow, the party went off without a hitch. Everyone had a good time and we were slinging drinks behind our basement bar like crazy. The Bomb Pop martini was the clear winner of the night, and the Key Lime Pie martini was good, too. We had Bellinis at midnight to ring in 2006. Our very last guests to leave were my husband's co-worker and his wife. I've met the co-worker on four or five occasions. I've heard some interesting tidbits about what this couple does in their "leisure" time. Let's just say it involves other people and requires a remarkable lack of jealously.

Throughout the evening, I would occasionally catch co-worker staring at me. I'd give a quick smile and look elsewhere. Some people just do that. In fact, I think I may even be a starer on occasion without even realizing it until later. It happens. ANYWAY....we're wrapping it up for the night (morning) and we're doing the standard goodbyes, when co-worker gives me the "thanks for inviting us" hug and says something completely inappropriate into my ear. When I threw him a bewildered look, he mumbled something like "....just kidding". WHAT?!?! I have honestly never in my life had anything like that happen to me, so I'll admit I was at a loss.

When my husband and I were getting ready to turn in I said "So do you think that co-worker was drunk?" "Nah...he'd had a bit but I think he's OK to get home." To which I replied "Well that makes his parting comment to me even more strange." I tell my husband and say "Seriously, don't say anything, though. It's no big deal." My husband actually did shrug it off saying "Well, that's just because they're swingers." Hmm. OK. But I'M not! I really didn't want to start any shit, but somehow it would have felt very wrong NOT to tell him. I'm sure he's already forgotten about it, but for some reason I keep coming back to it. I am SO not easily offended, but this was somehow different. It's alot of nerve to come to another man's house, eat his food, drink his liquor and then make a pass at his wife, don't ya think? Normally I'd be flattered if it was more of an open, general flirtation, but this one went too far. Creepy.

Perhaps I should leave this whole party-throwing thing to other people from now on. Mmm..nah! We do have alot of fun. Next year, though, I think co-worker's invitation just might accidentally get lost in the mail. Damn that postman!

Hilarious to read, probably not so hilarious to experience. :-)
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