Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stress Eating!

Hey! Guess what! I'm a classic stress eater. I have no appetite one minute, and the next I've had 1/2 a carton of Light Rocky Road. And six cookies! And 1/2 bottle of Pinot Noir! And a Klonopin! I'll run this down from worst to bad. Worst being that the baby is now staying his third night at a Children's Hospital for RSV and brochiolitis. Just got a nice fresh IV this evening. The nurse jacked up his I.V/blood draw so bad the Nurse Practitioner came in to make sure we were "ok". We didn't throw the chick under the bus. Major props to my best friend for having my daughter all day Saturday and my sister for having her all day today. HUGE help. My brain is even more fried than usual. My husband says we'd make a great VH1 show "The Worst Week Ever". That pretty much covers it.

My illness progressed into my ENT's office Monday AM. I got lucky enough to have a Myringotomy. They slice your eardrum open and suck the crap out. Robot doc says it's a "3" on scale of 1-10. Or a "9". Whatever. Asshole. Still can't hear a damn thing. Our major financial investment we've been working on is circling the drain. Not forever, but shit went all to hell this week.

Life sucks right now. The best part of the day (no, really) was when my husband called from the hospital so I could hear the baby coo and chat (and yak mucus) over the phone. He's been a limp, lifeless rag doll all day, so now I'm off to bed feeling a little better than when I left our quarantined room a few hours ago. Good night.

WOW. Indeed, that IS a loada bad crap in a small timeframe. Hang in there. Damn. Will be thinking good thoughts for all of you!
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