Sunday, January 08, 2006

We love BOOTY!

One of my quiet-baby tricks, especially prior to mealtimes, is to give the baby some finger foods. First, I got him little flower-shaped baby snacks. A winner! Then, I realized for a buck more I could buy an entire box of Cheerios and have four times more goodies! He also liked the Cheerios. Then I remembered an article my sister had sent me about Veggie Booty. I had forgotten until today so I checked the health food aisle and SCORE! The kid LOVES the stuff. I gingerly tried a chunk myself. First bite's a little too kale/parsley strong, but subsequent bites were actually pretty good. When my daughter strolled into the kitchen I offered to let her in on our snacking. The face she made when I offered her a pond-scum colored puff called Veggie Booty was priceless. Needless to say, she took a pass.

The baby has been vacillating between lovely, happy dream baby and giant, hairy crabass. When he had his head thrown back in a fit a couple days ago, I saw a possible culprit: two teeth coming in at the same time. Yipppeee. I have high hopes for, oh..say, 18 months. Not yet having a full command on the communication thing, but by that time he'll have more teeth and be able to walk. WhatEVER shall I do with myself then?

High hopes for 18 months? Isn't that when the tantrums come? I feel like I am watching/hearing the "coming attractions".
Oh, yeah....tantrums. I can actually deal with those. I don't put up with very much crap like that. Of course, in 8 months I may be choking down a steamy pile of Crow! :)
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