Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Bitching...

I'll just apologize now. This is not a sunny, upbeat post. I am not happy. I am NOT a hypochondriac. I AM SICK AGAIN! Yeah...I know! This time, it's like the first day of a really bad cold that lasts over a week. Kill me. I went to my ENT so he could make me hate him some more. Check. Getting CAT scan next week. I am finally getting off my dead ass to find a good Internal Med doc, though. I need a GP so I can quit these annoying specialists who refuse to look ANYWHERE beyond their area of "expertise". I got a personal referral, so let's hope I got a good one.

Also, my company made us all send our laptops in to corporate. Why? So they could ravage them and send them back, apparently. They changed everything and now I cannot even get online. They sent us reams of paper "explaining" the new systems they installed. It's like reading hieroglyphics. Hey, I know! Maybe I should jump on the web-cast/conference call explaining the new programs! Oh, wait. That call was yesterday and they just sent my computer back today. Fume..fume...fume. In general, I am REALLY annoyed. Thanks for letting me vent, O forgiving Internet.

Nah. don't apologize. My blogging motto is "blogging is virtually free while therapy is not". Hang in there!
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