Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So What If I Did?

I was on my way to my gym the other evening to meet my girlfriend for an aerobics class. To get to my gym, you have to maneuver your way through a busy parking lot. Often, cars will begin backing up into the thoroughfare without looking. This happens all the time and if I'm right behind them, I'll give a little warning beep on the horn (no...I do NOT blare it!). SO, anyway, this was the case the other night. Car starts backing up as I was coming through and I gave a bitty beep and was on my merry way. Happens all the time and I never think twice about it. My friend was parked in a far corner of the lot where there were no other cars. I pull in right across from her and gather my things. Just as she is coming over to greet me, some chick pulls up in the spot right next to me. At the time, it did seem a little odd as there were a bazillion spots all around us. Hmmm. Whatever. My friend and I start talking and proceed inside.

Class is getting ready to start, but friend headed into the locker room to change her shoes, so I followed. As we're talking, a girl comes up to me and says "Did you honk at me in the parking lot?". I said "Um...I don't think so." I honestly didn't think I had. At first, her tone made me think someone did the 'ol honk and wave thing. My friend says "Well she is a huge bitch, though, so I wouldn't put anything past her. What kind of car was it?" The girls starts saying something about a gold car (mine is red) so I walk off to the bathroom. As I round the corner, I realize she's describing HER car and then hear her say something about a red car. Oh, yeah! Some dipshit WAS pulling out into traffic. Then I remembered. By the time I was done in the bathroom, she was nowhere to be seen. I said to my friend "WTF was that all about?" She shrugged.

So, I guess I'm just confused about what the point was. She passive-aggressively parks right next to me in the lot and doesn't say anything, then accosts me in the locker room. Why? Are there people out there burning that badly for some type of confrontation? She really would've been barking up the wrong tree that night, because I don't put up with that kind of crap, and the girlfriend I was with is THE friend you'd want to get your back, if ya catch my drift.

That was the end of it, but isn't that weird? I manage to go about my life remarkably confrontation free so it just struck me as odd. Watch out for the crazy bitch in the gold car! You might be next...

Let me get this straight: so this gal was LEAVING the gym, but after someone tooted their horn at her, she parked again, went back in, stalked and accosted the person she thought did the honking...and then what was the plan? Cuckoo!
Good story! Funny that she had the nerve to come "ask" but no balls to say what or "why" she felt she had a reason to question you when she's the dummy backing out into traffic. Get back on the elliptical machine you crabby patty!
No, she must have made a stop at another establishment in the lot because she was much too far from the gym. Gee, I wonder if the hose beast was even GOING to the gym? Creepy.
Sounds like 'roid rage. Best to avoid Gold Car at all costs.
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