Monday, May 22, 2006

You like me! You really, really like me!

Not so much YOU, but my employer. So I am NOT jobless. Whew! It's been a white-knuckling few weeks. I was covertly offered a choice by a former manager within my company: take a 3 month severance package or switch over into one of my company's other divisions because my territory was going to be absorbed into someone else's. Hmmmm. Job or no job? I think I'll take the job. So my NEW boss called me on Friday and offered me the job officially!

The bad news is that a bunch of people I really liked lost their jobs on Friday. And even worse....they canned someone in order to give me her job. I feel kinda bad, but I like to think they would've cut her loose whether or not I took the job. Yeah...just keep tellin' yerself that.

Anyway, one of my good work buddies will be taking over my OLD territory so at least we'll see each other over lunch when he's in town.

In my own mind I like to think of this as a promotion. It's less travel, possibly more money and people within my company went to great lengths to make sure I wasn't let go. I feel all warm and fuzzy! The bad news is that I know jack-squat about the field I'm getting ready to move into. Two weeks of on-line training and then TWO WEEKS out of town for training! Aaaaaaaaaah!

Oh well, it's better than the bread line, right?

So there you have it. Next time I promise to finish the Hamster story. It just keeps gettin' better.

Congrats! And let's hear the hamster story now!
Yeah - for all this waiting, the Hamster story better be GOOD. :-)

Congrats on getting a new-ish gig and on NOT getting the boot.
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