Sunday, June 04, 2006

Furry Critters

Oh yeah. Sorry. The hamster. And more. So Wolf Child goes into our unoccupied neighbor's house during the day, goes up into the kid's room, takes apart the hamster cage and presumably squeezes their pet hamster to death. The mom ALSO goes into the neighbor's house, just on mere suspicion that the kid might be in there and finds him upstairs. OH WAIT! This is AFTER she has been searching for him for over 30 minutes. That means he was probably out of her sight for an hour and a half. I'm not kidding. Why WOULDN'T you let your 3 year old run the neighborhood completely unsupervised?

My husband caught wind of the story and told me, but then Idiot Mom comes down that evening and asked me if I heard what happened. She says (and I quote) "What kind of kid DOES that anyway?!?" I literally almost had to forcibly slap my own hand over my mouth. Since she did ask and all, I informed her that that sort of thing is a precursor for Serial Killer behavior and if I were her I would have him evaluated by a psychologist as soon as possible. Naturally, she hemmed and hawed around at that. "How do you even FIND someone like that?" Um, I dunno...CALL your damn insurance company, I guess!

The next day I was in one of my medical buildings and saw a flyer for a family/child psychologist that accepts most major insurance plans. Well, she DID ask. So the next day I gave it to her and said "If I were you, I would call and get an appointment RIGHT AWAY". Two weeks later, knowing FULL WELL she didn't call anyone, I said "So, what did the psychologist say?" Yeah...well, Mr. Idiot (or Cheatie McCheaterson as we like to call him) apparently let the family's insurance lapse. Yeah...four kids. Geeez. She wouldn't have called either way, though. She sucks that much.

That family used to be a mild source of amusement and gossip. It's SO far past that now. I wish they would go away.

Speaking of furry critters, I was SO mad this morning. On our way to a rural lake cabin this weekend, we passed a pasture with a lone, emaciated horse. I walked with the kids daily so we brought the gentle horse apples and carrots. It gratefully accepted the offerings. This poor horse was painfully thin and had scars on it sides that could scarcely mean anything besides abuse. Today when my daughter and I made our final journey down the way with treats in hand we approached the horse only so see bloody wounds on at least two of it's legs that were NOT there the day before. I can't tell you how pissed I was. As soon as I got back to the cabin, I jotted down the number for the local Humane Society and I shall be giving them an earful tomorrow. I can only hope that the little rural country-folk communities don't shrug these things off (which I'll hopefully find out during my follow-up calls). I'll keep you posted. I'd like to find the owner so I could see how much HE likes it.

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