Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is your brain on learning

The visual here is a fried egg. Duh. I am learning about disease states that are SO complicated that I think my head is going to explode. I miiiight have an actual mental breakdown before that happens. Exhibit A. Two & a half hour nap yesterday while on vacay with the family at the lake. That just never happens. Exhibit B. Slept for eleven and a half hours last night. My internal clock ALWAYS gets me up. Hmmm. Exhibit C. I went from normal to meca-bitch in about 30 seconds earlier today (after reading data that made my neurons stop firing altogether. They just oozed into a pile of goo.)

Y'know, I think I've jumped too far ahead here. The quick background is that my company decided to put the 9 people they "promoted" into our other division on an "accelerated" training program. Rather than 8 weeks of training that a new hire would go through, my company wants us to do our "home study", which includes learning the minutiae of two complex disease states and ALL the drugs used to treat them, but MOSTLY the drugs WE are selling, into ONE week. We don't just read the data, mind you. Oh no! We read XY&Z each day and are then TESTED DAILY on it, with MORE tests online next week! THEN! One week in the home office to PROVE you were paying attention! Holy crap. This is the hardest, most complicated stuff I've ever tried to digest. I'm up for the challenge, mind you, but it just may kill me. So I've been....busy. Help.

Your smart.
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