Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ford 500-1, Deer-0

My new car is like Christine. It has a mind of it's own and it has been DYING to be wrecked! It finally managed to achieve it's goal when the baby and I were on our way back from the pool this afternoon. A deer jumped out directly into the path of my car and, well....you know the rest. I stopped & checked into the woods for the deer. It was badly injured and within 10 minutes, it was dead. I was there for over 10 minutes because I was waiting for my husband to show up with his gun. He didn't need to use it.

We live in an area surrounded by woods, so we get all of the critters that come with them. My husband hit & killed a deer when I was pregnant with my daughter. When he hit it, it bounced off of the passenger side window, right in front of me. It made me cry.

The traffic on the Rainbow Bridge near our house is getting a bit heavy. My daughter's fish, Ariel, managed to once and for all pick off Sleeping Beauty III, but now Areil's karma is coming back to bit her in the tail fins. The fin rot that got Sleeping Beauty now has Ariel in it's grips. The tank additives are not working. Man, do I ever feel an "I told ya so" coming on. I told my husband this whole fish business was baaaaad news.

My proudest moment this weekend was when I decided I had had it once and for all with the craziness of my kitchen pantry. I cleaned it out! Yeah! For some reason I had, like, 5 opened boxes of graham crackers. I really don't even eat graham crackers that often. Go figure. Have a lovely week!

So you get in a car accident and don't even call?! You're all right, I presume? Sorry to hear about the bad car karma.
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