Sunday, July 16, 2006


So I got my new company car the other day. It's nice! The brake is a bit touchy though. Thank God. I was toodling down the highway a couple days ago (going about 55 mph), fiddling with my dash board when all of a sudden I look up and the car in front of me is at a DEAD STOP. I locked it up and jerked the wheel. Fortunately I was in the right lane. Not only did I manage to miss the car, but I was also able to correct in time to miss the guard rail as well. In my wildest dreams I have no idea how I missed that car. I did learn two things, though. 1) I am an idiot. 2) I have cat-like reflexes.

Here's where the weird part comes in. In my mind I totally SAW myself hit that car. I heard metal rend and saw cars crumple. When I came to a stop on the shoulder, I was a bit baffled. My brain was trying to piece together what happened. I WRECKED! And yet, I didn't. And no, I've never done acid. Another odd aspect to this event was that I really didn't tense up. I would fully expect to be wearing my shoulders up around my ears for AT LEAST a week after a near miss like that. So to say the least, I'm intrigued by what happened last week. Deepak Chopra would say that there's no such thing as a figment of your imagination and that there are no coincidences.

The jury's still out for me.

and nothing could be more entertaining than an idiot with cat-like reflexes. they're the funnest!

glad you're okay. my friends get in wrecks too often.
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