Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Another year! Yeah for me! I worked all day, and my husband was working tonight. Hrmph. Fortunately a friend of mine came to my rescue. She brought over food & cake. It was lovely! Don't get me wrong...we had a weekend filled with crazy fun too.

I had to play a little trick on my daughter. My husband searched high and low for the perfume I wanted for my birthday. He could NOT find it and had to give up to go to work. Unfortunately, he promised our daughter that he would secure the gift and put it on her bed so she could give it to me when she got home from school. Long story short: I wrapped up some perfume I already owned and stuffed it into a gift bag. She proudly presented it to me about 5 minutes after I jammed it into a bag. She would have been very upset not to give me a present. I think that's one of those acceptable white lies, y'know? I bought my real gift on eBay, and my husband can pay me back later. Romantic, huh? Guess it could be worse.

My husband, the kids and I are off for a little road trip to Oklahoma, then an adults only weekend in Chicago. Good times!

It will be nice to not look at my work e-mail or listen to voice mail for SIX DAYS STRAIGHT! Wahoooo! I've been working much harder than I'd like to lately, but it is what it is. The good news is that after this mini-trip, I'll still have almost 3 weeks of vacation left. Whatever shall I do with it?

I'll check back in after Chi-town and let ya know how it was. Wish me luck on Michigan Avenue!

Searched high and low? You're right, it could be worse. At least he made the effort. I run a relationship advice site and I get letters from wives whose husbands don't make any effort at all in this department. And I bet your relaxed attitude about the whole thing helps as well. Good for you. (I love the white lie, so cute :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay
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