Monday, October 23, 2006

The Lazy Days of Fall

Oh, wait. Is that supposed to be summer? I forgot to stop the laziness. It's been a weird couple of weeks lately.

My husband's schedule has been insane, so we're two ships that pass in the night. My daughter's social calendar has been packed. The baby has decided to randomly wake up at odd times and HOWL until you come into the room, where he then flops face forward onto the bed, silent. Once you foolishly think he's back to sleep...you c..r..e..e..p out, only to hear the piercing squeals start once again. Last night I just took him out of bed around 9:15, because he'd been screaming for the previous 2 hours, and I just couldn't take it anymore. The Tylenol didn't work this time. I let him run around until my husband got home about 20 minutes later. He magically managed to to get him back to bed. He woke up a couple hours after that and this time I learned that if I left his bedroom door open a bit, he thought I was still in the room after I left. That seemed to work. SSSSighhhhhhhhh.

The lazy part I mentioned is unfortunately stemming from my professional life...or lack thereof. I've been quite busy keeping my eyes open for a new gig. I think I need to stop it. The continuous unsuccessful "looking" is starting to stress me out. I'm not getting jack-squat done with my actual job. I have such a massive "what's my motivation" thing going on, it's not even funny. To be honest, I'm really not sure what to do about it. I would honestly LIKE to be more productive...it just seems like an impossible goal to reach. I need an A-Ha! right about now. Any ideas?

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