Monday, November 06, 2006

Scalp Massage

After enjoying a few tastes of his mashed potatoes last night, the baby decided to thoroughly rub the last few bites into his hair, all the while eyeing me carefully for my reaction. I declined to react at first, but when he came back with a heaping mound, I had to draw the line. It's a good thing that he enjoys the tub.

I am having an OFFICIAL sick day today. I drove to the gym this morning and sat in the parking lot for a few moments. When I realized that I just couldn't bring myself to go in, I knew it was "sick day" time. I have been hacking up goo for over a week and this weekend it decided to expand into my sinuses as well. Awesome. Unfortunately the Zicam and the Airborne are not so much helping at this point. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, so hopefully a chest x-ray will reveal the true nature of this cootie.

I have an extra-busy week after today. I have to go out of town for work on Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday I leave for my five day trip to the BEACH! I am super-excited about that. Now, if I can only lose the goo between now and then, I'll be golden!

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