Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wow....is it almost Christmas?

Where have I been? Let's see...the in-laws in Oklahoma...OH! and Jamaica! I went with my sister to attend her friend's wedding and it was DREAMY! I am already trying to scheme my next trip there with my husband. I've heard mixed reviews from others regarding their trips to Jamaica, but ours was really great. Sure, not EVERYTHING went right (booked at wrong resort, no shower, turn-down service took giant dump in our room, and raging burn/rash from handling a sea cucumber) but the place we went to was so serene, it was easy to overlook petty problems. I went scuba diving by myself for the first time. By "by myself" I mean without the hubby. And LOOK! I didn't drown. Yippee! More vacation chat later.

Had an OK holiday with the in-laws. The high point was probably our practical joke. Our neighbor is a huge MU fan. My husband is a rabid OU fan. We stole our neighbor's tiger print MU rock from their flower bed and drove it to OU's campus. The intention was to get several snaps of the rock on OU's 50 yard line. Some kill-joy that worked at the stadium squashed that plan ("You STOLE it? Well, you certainly shouldn't have done THAT. You need to leave right now". W-H-A-T?!?!) so we took pictures with every imaginable OU logo and sign we could find. I'll be making a montage tomorrow.

Well...I am SO tie-tie. Off to bed. More soon!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Scalp Massage

After enjoying a few tastes of his mashed potatoes last night, the baby decided to thoroughly rub the last few bites into his hair, all the while eyeing me carefully for my reaction. I declined to react at first, but when he came back with a heaping mound, I had to draw the line. It's a good thing that he enjoys the tub.

I am having an OFFICIAL sick day today. I drove to the gym this morning and sat in the parking lot for a few moments. When I realized that I just couldn't bring myself to go in, I knew it was "sick day" time. I have been hacking up goo for over a week and this weekend it decided to expand into my sinuses as well. Awesome. Unfortunately the Zicam and the Airborne are not so much helping at this point. I have a doctor appointment this afternoon, so hopefully a chest x-ray will reveal the true nature of this cootie.

I have an extra-busy week after today. I have to go out of town for work on Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday I leave for my five day trip to the BEACH! I am super-excited about that. Now, if I can only lose the goo between now and then, I'll be golden!

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