Monday, March 26, 2007

!Mexico Estas Muy Bien!

Oh, man. This place is SWEET! We are having a grand time! We did a night dive right away when we got here. It was pretty good. We saw a HUGE loggerhead turtle and a 7 foot green moray. The next day we relaxed with all the spring breakers by the pool after doing a spot of shopping. HEY! You can buy blow in Mexico. At a gift shop! Whoda thought? Not for me, gracias. You cannot, however, buy Xanax or Valium without a prescription in Mexico anymore. So I hear...

The next day we did cavern/cave diving in a unique place called the Cenotes. It is fresh & salt water combined. No wildlife, but very cool. Although we once surfaced into a small cave, and got a picture of a critter the guide called a spider, but had scorpion-like features too. I'll figure out how to add images when I get back & post a few. I also plan to send it to Ugly Overload since those readers seem to know their skittering critters.

That night we went to a really fun place for dinner that a friend had recommended. It's called Perico's (although my husband kept calling it Perritos and the hotel guys were making fun of him for asking for a small dog!) That place was a wonderful recommendation because it is very high energy, authentic Mexican family fun! Music, dancing, flaming desserts, you name it. The margaritas were super-strong & knocked us on our butts! Last night was dancing on the bar at Senor Frogs, then more drinks in the hotel lobby before we said "Uncle".

Today we did 2 regular reef dives. They were OK. The highlight for me was seeing a 10 foot nurse shark. My husband missed it as he had to go up before me since he was low on air. Well, that's the blow by blow. More later. Adios, muchachitas!

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