Sunday, March 18, 2007

Smooth Sailing

Well, I made it through the ride-along A-OK. My boss is over it too. So I called her with the news at 4:30 on Friday afternoon. She didn't sound too surprised. In fact, I talked to several ex-managers that day and NO ONE sounded surprised at all. One manager even said he was "jealous". I told him he should be and then answered everyone's questions regarding my recruiter!

I went and raked in some great deals at Kohls today in preparation for my trip next week. I needed a few core items such as shorts, a skirt and a few easy summer shirts....oh... and a new straw cowboy hat. My last one gave it's life for my trip to Jamaica. By the time that trip was over, it was hemorrhaging straw bits hither and yon.

I've also decided to suck it up and get "waxed" next week so I wouldn't have to mess with it while on vay-cay. Bikini line & legs. I'm thinkin' ouch. The crazy shit I do in the name of vanity...I tell ya.

My husband and I are very much looking forward to having some quality time to reconnect. We let our lives get so hectic that we have a tendency to "forget" about each other. Yay for a romantic vacation! I'll have a full report when I get back. Well, maybe not FULL!

Adios amigos!

Remember the last time you two took a romantic vacation? You came back knocked up....let's not let history repeat itself or you'll have some 'splainin to do! Have fun!
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