Thursday, May 17, 2007

Things I Dig

There's so much back-posting I can't even think about right now, I am just going to skip it and share the stuff I think is "so hot right now" instead.

1. Max Factor long wearing 2 in 1 lip gloss/color. It's like the other all-day brands without sucking the life out of your lip skin. Fabu!

2. Kashi TLC Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies. Mmmmm. Just, wow.

3. Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc. Light, effervescent, citrus-y. Amazing summer vino!

4. Yoga. Family yoga last night was surprisingly hard! My daughter is ready for Cirque du Soleil. Little boneless chicken...

5. Old Navy gaucho pants. They are in the swimsuit section & are my new summer uniform when paired with a tank or T! Get yours in black and brown TODAY!

6. Planet Earth on Discovery HD. OK, FINE! My husband was right about something regarding that giant expensive HD flatscreen. This show eats the lunch of all other nature shows. Watch it! You'll thank me later.

7. My new job. It's not so much about "having a new job" that's great. It's more the "getting my sorry ass off the couch and being productive" that I dig.

8. Entrepreneurship. I just landed my very first client for my new business venture (we'll talk more about that later). My partner and I are starting small, but MAN can I dream big! Great things ahead!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Try to experience 1-6 (and maybe even 8!) for yourself ASAP! Anything I missed? What are YOU loving right now?

Kashi TLC rocks! I had finished eating a dark chocolate oatmeal cookie just before I read your post.--LuAnn
UPDATE BIZZLENATCH. I know you got stuff to report...so get on it!! :)
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