Monday, August 13, 2007

Reasons why I'm ANNOYED right now!

The VERY first thing is that for some reason Blogger and Google are plotting to keep me from posting! I just CANNOT log in to this shit! I finally got in, but I'm not sure how. Must discuss moving this blog somehow.

That was the first reason. Now the biggest reason I am annoyed is because some people are SO damn stupid. I go to pick up my son from daycare today and park next to a black truck with the windows cracked...and a dog inside. It is ONE HUNDRED degrees OUTSIDE today. The car was not running. I went in to grab my son and when I came out (5 minutes later?) the dog was still there. A couple of other parents said the dog had been there for "awhile". I took my son back in and told the director, who was standing by the front door, that she needed to page the owner of the black truck and tell them to return to their vehicle IMMEDIATELY. I mentioned there was a dog locked in a car and that it was absolutely TOO HOT for a dog to be in a car for even a minute. As I was having my hissy I see a mom with two small kids sheepishly edging toward the door. I just catch her eye and she mutters "I was only in here for two minutes". I said "Oh, no, that dog was here when I got here 5 minutes ago and that is UNACCEPTABLE". As we were both walking out I just kept talking. I said again that is was far too hot for a dog to be left in a car even for a moment. She decided to get pissed rather than eating crow. She raised her voice when she said "Well, the REASON it was in the car is because it had gotten out of the yard on my way here and I had to put it in the car!" WHAT? OH! Well, in THAT CASE I guess it's OK. I said "So what? Leave the car running then!" She was attempting to mutter weak protests, so I just left it at "Well, I hope your dog is OK". Fucking bitch. There is no scenario in the WORLD that would have explained her asinine actions.

Filed under my LONG list of "I shoulda said's" includes: "Would you leave your CHILD in a car in this heat for 'a couple of minutes?!" I didn't think so. Gar.

Reasons NOT to be annoyed right now....

My business partner and I signed a 3 year lease for our new business. We are opening a yoga studio for kids and families! If that seems random and niche, well, it's not! We have devised so many different marketing angles for this business that the possibilities are endless!

Two of the 'easiest' angles include Sports Conditioning Yoga for core strength in younger athletes, and classes for Special Needs kids. We'll have Mommy & Me yoga, Family yoga, Story Time yoga for toddlers, and yoga set to contemporary music for preteens and teens. We'll have educational seminars on topics such as meditation, nutrition and wellness. And of course there will be birthday parties! We have loads of things planned and we've been grass-roots marketing like crazy! We already have clients lined up and our web site is almost done. It's been loads of work, but we are very optimistic about the success of our business. With our combination of sales and marketing and fitness and yoga experience, we think we've concocted a recipe for success! I will TRY to log in to this account to post updates.

Oh....and leave your doggies at home, in the nice, cool A/C. THANK YOU!

Oh, that dog in the car thing makes me livid! What kind of thoughtless moron would leave a dog in a car - even in cooler weather - for even a minute!?!

Congrats on the new biz. Let me know when you're ready for some painting help.
Congrats on the new business! Both scary AND exciting!

Be sure to let me know the website so I can check it out.
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