Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Wanna Be the Dragon

Soooo, we had a RECORD BREAKING meltdown this week. Terrible twos are in the hizzouse. We all went to Old Navy to grab a costume for my son. He seemed down with the concept initially, but once we were at the costume display, refused to so much as cast his gaze upon the selections. "Hey, LOOK! How about the skunk? Look at the cute monkey! Here's a cool dragon! Ohhh! The chicken is cute!" Orrrrr, we can run around the display yelling "Nooooo!". After about 7 or 8 minutes of attempted wrangling, my husband and I both said "OK! We. Are. Done." As we were walking out of the store to the car, my son started screeching "COSTUME!" at the top of his lungs. I don't know HOW many times we said "Which one do you want, dear?" only to be answered with "COSTUME!" Finally we said "screw it" and loaded him into the car. Ohhh, my. The ear piercing, snotting, kicking and shrieking that ensued. It was SO loud that I stuffed Kleenex into my ears. It kept up the entire 13 1/2 minute ride home. I now know EXACTLY how long it takes to get from my house to Old Navy. Every long, painful second. My daughter had tears in her eyes when we arrived home. Assuming she was just upset by the scene, I said that he was having a baby fit and he'd calm down soon. She said "I know, it's just that my ears hurt."

Once we got home my husband whisked him upstairs for a bit of discipline including, but not limited to, some time sitting in the corner. After several minutes I went upstairs to check in and say goodnight. He was finally calm and asked me to read him a bedtime story. After the story, I looked at his (now) sweet face and said "Dear, what do you wanna be for Halloween." He clearly and calmly informed me "I wanna be the dragon."

I'd go back and buy the dragon without him. Trust me on this one. :-)
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