Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Change is BAD

Yes, it's true folks. I fear change. Loathe it, even. Change that I do not initiate pisses me off. We'll call it a character flaw, mkay? Not loving my new gig so far, but in an effort not to become Dooced, I shall refrain from going into any more detail via this forum. Let's just say that this is a very transitional time for me, career-wise and it ain't over. Sigh.

I have a neighbor in my cul-de-sac that calls our area Wisteria Lane. There is so much random crap that goes down around here. Idiot Mom got some type of actual confirmation last week that Absent Dad was actually cheating on her. Man, did I get an earful last night! He managed to convince her that it was only two times, last summer. Hell, I'VE known about it for two freakin' years! What a POS! THEN it comes out, right there on my neighbor's front porch that my OTHER neighbor once had an affair and he and his wife had "worked through it". Argh! So then any advice/comment (i.e.-you and the kids deserve better...how could you ever believe anything he ever says from this point forward, etc.) that I made to Idiot was in essence, bashing the "working thru it" neighbors sitting there. Can't please everyone, right? There I go again.

Remember the story about my husband's co-worker's inappropriate comment to me? It just keeps getting better. It turns out that my husband DID make co-worker aware that he knew about it and co-worker laughed it off saying he was just joking around. The other day co-worker E-MAILED me to complain about my husbands overexuberance regarding car shopping. We're looking to upgrade. I thought it was a bit odd, but replied something to the effect that co-worker spent more time with him than I did, so it was really HIS problem. Creepy co-worker responded back to that with some flip comment, which I chose to ignore. Husband sees co-worker e-mail and was NOT HAPPY. He tells co-worker in the nicest way possible, that although he knows there is nothing going on, he feels it is inappropriate for this guy to be e-mailing me. Co-worker decides to play the wounded victim and announces his intentions to let their supervisor know that he no longer wishes to work in such a close capacity to my husband. "I'm not going to wait around to be accused for a THIRD time of hitting on your wife!" he says huffily. Of course, my husband was non-confrontational from the get-go, but naturally pointed out to Creepy what a big 'ol can of worms he would be opening if he said anything to ANYONE. Duh. We'll see how it plays out.

So there's my drama. When will I get a "normal" week back again? OK...back to studying. Wish me luck.

That is way too much drama for one week. I'm trying to see what I can do to give you a hand with Problem A. I'll keep you posted.
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